Tech Tips

This Edition – Your Engine’s Cooling system

An engine’s cooling system must be maintained in order to avoid costly repairs, especially during a hot summer.   So what should you do to maintain your system?

•Seawater Pump Impellers should be checked annually and replaced if necessary. If you check your impeller and find that pieces are missing, it is important to find them because they can flow downstream to a heat exchanger, water cooler, or oil cooler.  If this happens, your sea water flow will be blocked off, which will lead to an engine overheat.

•A Raw Water Cooling System should be serviced every two years. The raw water side of your engine should be cleaned. Remember, the same water your boat sits in is flowing through your engine.

•The fresh water (coolant) side of your engine must be maintained according to the engine manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Most coolants are good for five years. When it is time to change out the coolant, a cooling system flush should be performed in order to clean the system before adding new coolant. Also remember to have the proper coolant mixture.

•A cooling system must have the zinc anodes checked annually and replaced if necessary. If these are not maintained, the potential damage could be very expensive. Heat exchangers, water coolers, and transmission oil coolers are quite costly, and all could be heavily damaged if the anodes fall into disrepair.

If your engine is overdue for maintenance, or you think you have an issue that needs attention, contact Charles in our service department (410 778-1400) to schedule an appointment.

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