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Tolchester Marina


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Please check all the items you wish us to complete Haul boat
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Paint Hull
Varnish Brightwork
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Test Run
Change Oil
Wax Hull
Caulk Bottom
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Check fluids
Check belts
Check cooling water flow
Check charging system
Check battery water level
Check outdrive lower unit oil level (remote systems)
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If "Yes", please select the options you would like:
Bleed raw water cooling intake lines
Check water flow
Cooling water sea cocks left in "open" position
Fresh Water System Flush fresh water system
Fill fresh water tanks
Canvas Install bimini top
Install full canvas
Special Instructions
* By clicking "SUBMIT" I authorize Tolchester Marina, Inc. to perform the services indicated.

TOLCHESTER MARINA,INC.  will not be liable for loss on account of fire, flood, theft, hurricane, tornado, snow, ice, rain or any causes beyond our control, and does not carry insurance to cover same.  Owners are advised to properly protect themselves through insurance.   All boats operated at owners' risks.  All masts handled at owners' risks.

It is also agreed, unless done by the owner personally or by his full-time captain, all repairs, alterations, refinishing, etc shall be done by TOLCHESTER MARINA,INC.


LAT 39° 12' 48"N
LON 76° 14' 32"W
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We monitor VHF Ch. 16
6' MLW
T o l c h e s t e r  M a r i n a  •  2 1 0 8 5  T o l c h e s t e r  B e a c h  R d. • C h e s t e r t o w n, M D  2 1 6 2 0


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